Hailing from the rough streets of Los Angeles, Ol' Gre-D Bastard (O.G.B.) began his hustling in the suburbs of Thousand Oaks, CA at the age of 7 - being brought in for the first time on a felony skateboard theft at the age of 9. By 15 he was in and out of juvenile correctional facilities up and down the California coast from Sacto to San Diego.

During a stretch away from the law when he was 24 he met up with Munny Shot and Etch a Sketch in Washington DC. The two had been rapping quite a bit together and needed some beats to go along with. Ol' Gre-D Bastard had picked up the drums a few years before and after finding an old set in a pawn shop he began playing with the two. Soon after, Munny Shot and Etch were recruited by Everlasting Gobstoppa and IQ for a hiphop supergroup in VA called Frontbutt and they dragged along a reluctant O.G.B. with the promise of money and strange women.

To this day, O.G.B.'s only quote on the matter has been, "The money's been good but the women are just too strange, man...."


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