Munny Shot :: Vox, Percussion

In 1990 after a long stint as a backup dancer for male strippers in Veruca Beach, FL. Munny Shot made his way to Washington, DC to try to make his mark with the famous go-go scene there. He was in a few bands, working night shifts as a fry cook and bartender, until one night he caught the attention of a very inebriated Fakebeard the Pirate who was in DC on vacation.

Fakebeard told Munny Shot (after a long night of drinking) that he was involved with some shady characters who were starting a hip-hop band out of Virginia that proved to be fantastic. When Fakebeard mentioned the name IQ it was all sealed and done. Munny Shot had actually jammed with IQ years earlier in the famed Veruca Beach nightclub "Hobnobbers". Because Munny Shot was broke, IQ wired him money for a bus fare to Virginia and the rest is history.

He enjoys long walks on the beach and just getting to know you.


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