In his younger years, L.O.G. (born Erik Odin Valhalla) worked on a raindeer farm near Oslo in the northwest passage of Norway. After several years with the Sven Uggle Primitive Hammer & Stone Orchestra he was recruited by a few men in France in a group called "Les Bastardes de Fonque" who were looking to fund a disco revival in the late 1980s. Erik moved to France, where he achieved some critical acclaim in 1989 for co-writing the hit single, "Supercool Comme ta Mere". When the group disbanded in 1991, Erik began a career farming sheep in Normandy until IQ contacted him in 1999 about playing bass in the new hip-hop project Frontbutt. Erik changed his name to the Infamous L.O.G. and packed up his things for the United States to play bass in the greatest hip-hop band ever.


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