After his long period in the 80's with child hip-hop/pop act 2tuff4u, Etch was in a low point in his career. The perils of childhood stardom took a hold of him and he was in rehab by the age of 16 getting over an addiction to pepto-bismol. While in rehab he became friends with Gobstopper (a man too familiar with the walls of rehab centers). When out of rehab they would sit on the street corners of DC freestyling with the best rappers around.

Eventually going there separate ways, Etch decided to change his name to mc Good and started the hip hop duo Good and Plentee with mc plentee out of east Crozet. They scored a college radio hit with the song "baby let's do it till your mom comes home" but could never get past the success of the one song. Etch-a-Sketch was fed up and dropped his new name and persona to once again escape the world of commercial success that had brought him down so many times before. Until one day he got a phone call from his ol buddy Gob asking him to join the superstar group Frontbutt. Etch had finally made peace with his past and agreed to come check it out. As soon as he was on the mic he felt right at home and hasn't put it down since.


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