While serving a tenure as Surgeon General for the Republic of Chile, Doctor Edit became infused in the underground salsa/trip-hop/acid/metal/fusion craze that swept South America from 1992 to 1993. After being awake for 6 months in 1993, staying alert by freebasing guarana, ginseng, and gingko, Doctor Edit resigned as Surgeon General and went on a South American club tour. In his first week out, Doctor Edit's tour bus was attacked and looted by Argentinean Rebels. Lost and without a dime to his name, Doctor Edit began a 9 year isolation stint in the Amazon.

Early in 2002, while Infamous L.O.G. was relaxing poolside after headlining Rock in Rio with Frontbutt, a note came to him. It said, "The Doctor Will See You Now." Not knowing quite what to do next, Infamous L.O.G. went inside to make some inquires about "The Doctor". He was already there. Guitar on his back, turntables on his custom gurney, and an icy stare through dark sunglasses, L.O.G. knew at that very moment, Frontbutt would never be same again.


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